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Our studio is a clean and sanitary environment where you can get a tattoo or piercing in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.


Gothic tattoos are designed to portray the Gothic theme. Gothic tattoo designs can portray a variety of different things, such as vampires. Although Gothic tattoos are not mainstream tattoos, there is a popularity for the tattoo theme. Gothic tattoos can be worn by both men and women. Most commonly, Gothic tattoos are designed in black ink and other dark colours.


Fantasy tattoos are a popular tattoo for individuals with a creative personality. In general, it can be a symbolism of optimism, dreams, and hope. However, the tattoo symbolism is deeply rooted to a personal connection with the character; and even the choice of character. Dragons and fairies are some of the most popular fantasy tattoo designs, but they are hardly chosen just to look cool. A quality tattoo always means something


Japanese tattooing is a well respected art. A rich history filled by many influences, nuances in culture, and generations of talent have produced some extremely notable works of art. Japanese tattooing is a staple worldwide, for more information do contact us.

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We are pleased to offer our clients superior work done by the owner himself, Brian.

With all the experience, Mamelodi Ink offers you expect advice, ensuring that the tattoo you have in mind becomes a true piece of body art.

We encourage our clients to find something unique that truly fits them as the individual. Since everybody is different, we specialize in one of a kind tattoos, ensuring that the content and placement of your tattoo works best with body to showcase your unique piece of art.